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The Spirit of the Indie: Ig Publishing Founder Robert Lasner Pushes Limits

igpublishingIg Publishing was launched in 2002 with the release of Editor-in-Chief Robert Lasner’s own book, For Fucks Sake. Joining Lasner as co-founder was his wife, Elizabeth, who already had publishing experience through her work at a literary agency. The two were far from inexperienced, but it wasn’t until 2007 that Ig Publishing truly hit its stride. The Lasners refined the focus of their productions, deciding to publish primarily literary fiction, political nonfiction, and classic reprints. Since then, Ig publishing titles have garnered numerous awards, and on January 16, Entropymag.org sat down with Lasner to discuss his publishing journey.

Rather than selecting missile-231x3461books to publish based on genre or author renown, Lasner chooses books that he likes and feels proud of sending out into the world. Lasner doesn’t shy away from difficult topicsIg’s next novel, Missile Paradise by Ron Tanner, out April 2016, confronts systemic racism and the impact of climate change on the Marshall Islands.

Lasner chooses authors who excite him, whose work is fresh and challenging and also might have been passed up by the “Big Five.”

“Sometimes I think about how many of our authors would never have been published if it wasn’t for us,” Lasner said. “It makes you realize how important indie presses are, and what a vital role they play in the publishing ecosystem.”

Ig Publishing is also launching a new series called Bookmarked, in which authors write about books which have had a crucial influence on their lives and their careers. Lasner 9781632460103developed this series to pay tribute to the “primal love of literature” that lives in anyone who writes or works in publishing. Curt Smith wrote the first title of the series, Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five: Bookmarked, and Kirby Gann (the series’ editor) wrote John Knowles’ A Separate Peace: Bookmarked.

A penchant for classic literature and reprints doesn’t mean that Lasner and Ig Publishing are caught up in the past. The publisher has adopted e-books (though Lasner admits that he’ll always have a soft spot for print books), and is already looking forward to the next trend.

“It’s all about change,” Lasner said about the industry. “As an independent publisher, you either change and adapt, or die.”

And adapt Ig Publishing has. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

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New Series from Ig Publishing—The Stories that Inspired Writers

Bookmarked A Separate PeaceJohn Knowles and Kurt Vonnegut are about to get some postmortem love. Last week, Brooklyn indie publisher Ig Publishing announced a new series called “Bookmarked,” which will feature Knowles’s A Separate Peace and Vonnegut’s The Slaughterhouse Five. The concept is for writers to create short books about works that inspired them. Think of it as expanded Oscar speeches, but for books.
The first two titles, John Knowles’ A Separate Peace: Bookmarked by Kirby Gann and Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five: Bookmarked by Curtis Smith are slated for release March of 2016.

On April 17, Publishers Weekly interviewed Ig publisher Robert Lasner says, “it’s about how a book inspired [the writers] or turned out to be a stepping stone to some point in their lives.” The series will include titles by Stephen King and Christina Stead, written respectively by Aaron Burch and Paula Boma. In Lasner’s words, the series promises to be “a no-holds-barred personal narrative. . . . It can be a writer loving a book, or hating it after they’ve returned to it.”


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Bookslinger Update: “Custody Bus”

The Bookslinger app has been updated with a new story!

This week’s story is from Damn Love Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, published by Ig Publishing. Set in San Francisco and North Carolina, the linked stories in Damn Love introduce us to a group of characters struggling with love in all its complicated forms, including a young doctor who treats heroin addicts, a newly married gay man who tries to reconcile with his mother after years of estrangement, a trio of physicists caught in a surprising love triangle, and a soldier who takes secrets with her to the Iraqi desert. Together, these stories report from the fault lines of American life, uncertain territory where identity, risk, and desire co-mingle  and where resilience is found in even the most flawed efforts to connect.

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