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Boundary-Pushing Comics: The Story of 2dcloud

Something extraordinary is happening in the world of indie comics: 2dcloud, which began as just another of the tens of thousands of creative projects hoping for crowd-funding on Kickstarter, is emerging as an impressive new force in graphic novel and comics publishing. The press has already been praised as “one of the most interesting and exciting independent publishers working today” by ARTINFO, “energetic and enthusi9781937541194.jpgastic” by Comics Alliance, and “adventurous and daring” by The Comics Beat. Now, they’re garnering even more well-deserved attention with the help of artist Austin English, whose upcoming anthology Gulag Casual is part of 2dcloud’s Winter Collection.

The Huffington Post interviewed English on March 29 about Gulag Casual, calling the book “the ultimate graphic novel for artists, weirdos and renegades.” English explained that for as long as he can remember, his style has “diverted greatly from the classic comic book formula.” Perhaps being somewhat of a “weirdo” is what drew English to 2dcloud. In an interview with comics blog Broken Frontier on March 4, he commended the publisher for “making a commitment to publish complicated work . . . with a great degree of dignity and beautiful production values.” He went on to call 2dcloud “an obvious place to give this work that I wanted to be treated with some care.” The care that 2dcloud shows to their artists throughout the publishing process is evident in the final results: striking, unconventional comics that push boundaries and bend genres.

Gulag Casual, an anthology collection of five short stories illustrated in various mediums, can be found alongside other titles in 2dcloud’s Winter Collection, including ITDN by Andrew Burkholder and Mirror Mirror #1, a collection edited by Blaise Larmee (2dcloud’s creative director) and featuring the work of various artists. To find out more about 2dcloud’s Winter Collection, click here.

ITDN COVERMirror Mirror cover

2dcloud’s vibrant work is just beginning. Keep your eyes out for more surprises from this artistically rambunctious publisher, such as Turning Japanese by MariNaomi and Someone Please Have Sex With Me by Gina Wynbrandt, both of which come out on May 10!

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Huffington Post Profiles Adam Parfrey and Feral House’s Edgy Persona

Ferel House publisher Adam Parfrey in Port Townsend, WA.

Feral House publisher Adam Parfrey in Port Townsend, WA. Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Feral House and its creator Adam Parfrey have marched to the beat of their own subversive drum since the very beginning. Since 1989, Feral House has successfully made a niche for themselves through publishing “high quality books on forbidden topics,” as they proclaim on their website. They are well-known for publishing controversial materials that many mainstream bookstores refuse to sell. On October 13, Michael Nirenberg for Huffington Post released part one of his two-part interview with Adam Parfrey, where they discussed the press and its specific market.


Parfrey started out writing articles for magazines. His first foray into publishing was with Amok Press, a venture Parfrey started with his friend Ken Swezey, who ran Amok Catalog. The duo’s first book, Michael by Joseph Goebbels, was a pro-Russia book with touches of early Nazism.The title received a glowing review from the New York Times, the first and last major review one of Parfrey’s titles would receive for many years: “No other book, until like 25 or 30 years later, got a favorable write-up in the New York Times.” Feral House’s lack of success and appreciation from the mainstream market does not bother Parfrey: “I’m not in it to make money—it’s the wrong business for that.”

Though many mainstream bookstores want benign titles, Feral House refuses to giWhyHopeve in. Part of the reason why they are so successful is because of Parfrey’s adamant stance on what the press publishes: “We don’t do fiction… Poetry, we don’t do. We don’t do books with short stories.” Instead, they only publish non-fiction titles, creating an eclectic catalog that does not stray away from controversial topics. For example, one of their recent titles Why Hope? The Stand Against Civilization by the eco-anarchist John Zerzan is a provocative slam against technology.

Adam Parfrey and Feral House teach us an important lesson: lack of mainstream success doesn’t equal failure. Unconcerned with awards and accolades, Parfrey publishes books he believes in, a business plan that has clearly worked for the tenacious Feral House.


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