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Asymptote Journal Profiles Hispabooks’ Dedication to Translation

hispabooks_publishingAsymptote Journal sat down with Ana Pérez Galván on February 3rd to discuss the origins, journey, and triumphs of her press, Hispabooks.

Already familiar with the Spanish publishing industry, in 2011 Pérez Galván and her partner Gregorio Doval set out to form their own independent press. The duo wanted to find a niche for their press, something to differentiate them from the other small publishers in the market. They soon discovered a conspicuous gap in the literary world: while most eminent Spanish authors had their books translated into French, German, Italian, Serbian, and other languages of the region, few if any were ever translated into English.

Part of this dearth of English translations stems from the translation process. Typically, most publishers seeking to release translations are not fluent in the titles’ original languages. To save time, in order to determine which books to produce, they rely on outside reports of the books’ quality, content, and sales potential. This process is effective for commercially successful books, but often leaves behind more literary titles, whose nuance is difficult to convey by proxy.

But since Pérez Galván is a Spaniard herself, Hispabooks selects titles straight from the source, picking up many books that other translators may overlook or leave behind.

“For us,” Pérez Galván says, “our biggest achievement is having put a series of authors ‘on the map’ of world literature in English translation, who, we believe, are really worthy of august-octoberrecognition.”

American critics agree—Hispabooks’ August, October made the Boston Globe‘s list of “Best Books of 2015.” The newest translation triumph, released this past week, from Hispabooks is None So Blind, which Pérez Galván describes as “a beautiful tale on values and sense of belonging which is particularly relevant in the light of all political and religious conflicts going on now worldwide.

Hispabooks is certainly pioneering a new dedication to English translation. We can’t wait to see what spellbinding translation they release next!

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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Hispabooks, NubeOcho, Cinco Puntos, and Curbside Splendor!

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 through October 15), we’ve gathered together four titles that celebrate Hispanic and Spanish cultures. Check out these titles from Hispabooks Publishing, NubeOcho, Cinco Puntos, and Curbside Splendor to celebrate with some great reads!

The firstAugustOctober title we recommend is August, October, by Andrés Barba and translated by Lisa Dillman. Published by Hispabooks, a Madrid-based press that specializes in publishing contemporary Spanish fiction in English translation, August, October is a coming-of-age-tale, with the adolescent narrator struggling to reconcile himself to a world involving death and sexuality.

The next title CarlotaWoudn'tSayBoois from NubeOcho, another press based in Madrid that specializes in picture books and children’s fiction that promote respectful attitudes towards diversity. Published both in Spanish and in the English translation, Carlota Wouldn’t Say Boo by Emilio Urberuaga and José Carlos Andrés is a sweet and charming story about overcoming shyness and learning to speak up for yourself.

Our title from Texas-based Cinco Puntos is Sofrito Sofrito, by Phillippe Diederich. In this debut novel, Frank, a Cuban-American who disregards his family’s Cuban past, feels lost until he makes the decision to travel back to Cuba to steal a top-secret recipe that will save his failing restaurant in New York. Along the way, he falls in love with a prostitute and Cuba, and comes to terms with his father and his family’s roots. You’ll enjoy this entertaining and poignant work.

Last, but notMozos least, is Mozos: A Decade Running with the Bulls of Spain by Bill Hillmann and published by Curbside Splendor in Chicago, Illinois. In this memoir, Hillmann recalls his decade spent running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. It is equal parts entertaining, wise, funny, and philosophical. By the end, you’ll either want to go run with the bulls, or choose to live vicariously through Hillmann.


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The Irish Times Gives Literary Love to Hispabooks

By luck of the Irish, Madrid-based publisher Hispabooks got a sizeable mention in a May 29th story by Eileen Battersby in the Irish Times. Battersby highlighted the rich literary history of Spain (starting with Don Quixote de la Mancha by the legendary Miguel de Cervantes), and then profiled nine contemporary titles from Spain Spanish publishers.

Four of these titles are the literary love children (niños del amor) of Ana Pérez Galván and Gregorio Doval, Hispabooks founding editors. images The titles highlighted—The Stein Report by Jose Carlos Llop, The Birthday Buyer by Adolfo Garcia Ortega, Uppsala Woods by Alvaro Colomer, and The Faint-Hearted Bolshevik by Lorenzo Silva—are exciting representations of what Hispabooks is all about: English translations of the best contemporary Spanish writing from writers working in one of Spain’s four languages. 9788494094828

And although English-language publishers remain “slow to take chances on literary fiction in translation . . . Hispabooks is proving that this no longer matters. Why wait on London or New York? Madrid is identifying quality literary fiction and making it available to a wider readership.” In the words of Battersby, “Readers are far more adventurous–publishers should stop underestimating us.”

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