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ELPASO: A Punk Story
Benjamin Villegas, trans. Jay Noden
Deep Vellum Publishing • August 2021 • 9781646050611

“The amount of research that went into this book is unfathomable, and it truly brings the El Paso punk scene of the 1980s to life in a way that nobody has or has even thought to do before.”—Dallas Observer

Art in Time
by Cole Swensen
Nightboat Books • May 2021 • 9781643620374

“Swensen’s exploration of the temporal, relational nature of art-making recognizes the deep interconnectedness of all that share this world. The essays attend to the primary importance of diversity to the project of developing non-destructive relationships to our planet — biodiversity, identity diversity, diversity of medium, and expression — all of which unfold via unique temporal registers.”—Los Angeles Review of Books

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