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Welcome to Sonnetville, New Jersey
by Craig Morgan Teicher
BOA Editions • April 2021 9781950774258

“Teicher might have us believe something about the close-quartered intimacies readers overhear—that somehow we’re not meant to notice—but these poems belie their making: of course, one notices because the poems demand our attention.”—Ploughshares

PLASTIC: An Autobiography
by Allison Cobb
Nightboat Books April 2021 9781643620381

“[Cobb] makes unlikely connections, plumbs every word, threading together chemical atom and political power and poetry.”—Street Roots

Muriel Leung, author of Imagine Us, the Storm (Nightboat Books) was interviewed in Poetry Northwest on July 20. Two books from GILES, Frank Duveneck: America Master and The Berlin Masterpieces in America: Paintings, Politics and the Monuments Men were honored recently at the Midwest Art History Society Awards.

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