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What Makes You Think You’re Awake?
by Maegan Poland
Blair • June 2021 • 9781949467505

“These stories have a dreamy, Shirley Jackson-on-Xanax feel. They’re also the kind of stories you want to read again, not because you necessarily missed anything, but because of that suspended feeling Poland invokes.”—Literary Hub

Roundabout of Death
by Faysal Khartash, trans. Max Weiss
New Vessel Press May 2021 9781939931924
“A synthesized vision of a sensuous drive to life with a moral shock at the unseemliness of a society at war . . . Khartash’s svelte novel is splendidly handled by the independent New Vessel Press.”—Public Books

The River in the Belly
by Fiston Mwanza Mujila, trans. J. Bret Maney
Deep Vellum Publishing/Phoneme Media • August 2021 • 9781646050673

“Tram 83, the first of Fiston Mwanza Mujila’s works to appear in the United States, made for a thrilling read. Now he’s returned with a new collection inspired by the Congo River, giving readers an even greater sense of the range of his work.”—Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Variations on the Body
by María Ospina, trans. Heather Cleary
Coffee House Press • July 2021 • 9781566896108

“Short stories fans in search of a new obsession, look no further. . . . This crystalline translation from Heather Cleary has an offbeat sensibility reminiscent of Joy Williams.”—Chicago Review of Books

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