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Distant Fathers
Marina Jarre, trans. Ann Goldstein | New Vessel Press | 9781939931948 | June 2021
“A great book finally receives the notice it deserves . . . Prolific and distinguished, Ann Goldstein is an ideal translator for Jarre’s provocative combination of psychological insight, feminist critique, transnational reflections, and historical interrogations.”—Reading in Translation

Palm Springs Noir
edit. Barbara DeMarco-Barrett | Akashic Books | 9781617759284 | July 2021
“The latest noir anthology from Akashic Books gathers 14 new stories set in the Coachella Valley. Featuring work by Tod Goldberg, Alex Espinoza, and Kelly Shire, the collection offers a more complicated set of takes on the Southern California desert, revealing its hidden, sinister qualities.”—Alta

Little Bird
Claudia Ulloa Donoso, trans. Lily Meyer | Deep Vellum Publishing | 9781646050659 | August 2021
“Blending narration and deep personal experience, the stories in Little Bird stretch reality, a sharp-shooting combination of George Saunders and Samanta Schweblin. Characters real and unreal, seductive, shape-changing, and baffling come together in smooth prose that leaves readers questioning their own truth.”—Speculative Fiction in Translation

Alien Stories
E.C. Osondu | BOA Editions | 9781950774319 | May 2021
“Writer E.C. Osondu uses science fiction to explore the many meanings of what it is to be an alien — including the ways that immigrants are treated as extraterrestrials; how colonialism can feel like a spaceship coming to kill or exploit; and how to reach across humanity despite bias and cultural difference.”—The World

Benjamin Villegas, author of ELPASO: A Punk Story (Deep Vellum Publishing), wrote in Lit Hub about Kurt Cobain, Beck, and mythologized subculture on June 30. Also in Lit Hub recently, Welcome to Sonnetville, New Jersey (BOA Editions Ltd.) and Imagine Us, the Swarm (Nightboat Books) were featured among 5 sizzling new poetry collections for summer on June 29.

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