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Spirits Abroad
Zen Cho | Small Beer Press | 9781618731869 | April 2021
“Cho’s stories look at the intersection of those mundane and uncanny worlds—and the ways life among the humans can drive the spirit to distraction.”—BookMarks

The Youngest Boy
Jim Heynen, illus. Tom Pohrt | Holy Cow! Press | 9781513645599 | April 2021
“Heynen’s stories about unnamed farm boys first appeared years ago and several collections of the “boy stories” have been published since then. This is the first collection to focus on the youngest boy, who can be a dreamer one minute, a troublemaker the next, and a problem-solver the next.”—Pioneer Press

Hands and Heart Together: Daily Meditations for Caregivers
Patricia Hoolihan | Holy Cow! Press | 9781513645643 | January 2021
“For the 43 million family caregivers in the U.S., this book offers short meditations, each of which illuminates an aspect of caregiving, closing with an uplifting message. The author says this is the book she wished she had when she was a family caregiver.”—Pioneer Press

Mama Phife Represents: A Memoir
Cheryl Boyce-Taylor | Haymarket Books | 9781642592665 | January 2021
“[Boyce-Taylor] has an intimate familiarity with how the waves of emotion can crescendo into maddening heights, giving way to the empty ache left behind. That closeness gives way to clarity in her newest book: Mama Phife Represents, a delicate latticework of remembrance out this week that explores the days following Phife’s passing in print, photo, and sketch.”—Level

Never Have I Ever
Isabel Yap | Small Beer Press | 9781618731821 | February 2021
“These 13 captivating short stories entwine fantasy, horror, and science fiction to explore monsters, Filipino folklore, immigration, and queerness. . . . These ambiguous, vivid, and dark tales manage deep characterizations.”—Buzzfeed

Alaya Dawn Johnson | Small Beer Press | 9781618731777 | January 2021

“These ten immersive stories embrace multiple speculative genres and take place in worlds both real and unreal. They’re well worth reading.”—Buzzfeed

No Water No Bread
Luis Amavisca, illus. Raúl Nieto Guridi | NubeOcho | 9788494597138 | October 2017
“The plight of refugee children unveils itself before us in this small book with a big message.”—Vermont Country Sampler

Stay Safe
Emma Hine | Sarabande Books | 9781946448682 | January 2021
“Emma Hine’s debut poetry collection Stay Safe is a fiercely, lovingly crafted book that celebrates the endurance of the human spirit in the face of an ever-dimming future.”—Arkansas International

American Madness
Tea Krulos | Feral House | 9781627310963 | August 2020
“It’s just so crazy to think about how much this has changed in the last 10 years or even in the last five years — or even in the last year. It’s just been progressively building more and more steam. Really QAnon, which is the biggest conspiracy problem today, is just the Satanic Panic all over again. ”—Religion News Service  

Underworld LitSrikanth Reddy | Wave Books | 9781940696935 | August 2020
“Underworld Lit is complicated yet inviting; with wit and sorrow, Reddy exposes the demands of the corporate university and the demands of the soul, the play of teaching and the play of children, the thrilling effort of sense-making and the futility of mastery in a complex and confusing world.”—Rain Taxi

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