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The Readers’ Room
Antoine Laurain, trans. Emily Boyce, Jane Aitken, and Polly Mackintosh | Gallic Books | 9781910477977 | September 2020
“Famed for the eccentric yet elegant whimsicality of his novels . . . Antoine Laurain has established a fanbase that includes the Duchess of Cornwall.”—The Sunday Times

The Farm
Max Annas, trans. Rachel Hildebrandt Reynolds | Catalyst Press | 9781946395221 | September 2020
“A subtle, intelligent crime novel that leads with action and judiciously drip feeds character and meaning into the story along the way.”—Crime Time

To Know You’re Alive
Dakota McFadzean | Conundrum Press | 9781772620498 | December 2020
“Dakota McFadzean’s story collection To Know You’re Alive is deliberate, creepy, and wonderful.  These stories might be called haunting or disturbing, but that loose description doesn’t do justice to their subtle and graceful complexity.“—Foreword Reviews

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