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The Piano Student
Lea Singer, trans. Elisabeth Lauffer | New Vessel Press | 9781939931863 | October 2020
“Lea Singer’s newly translated novel is historical fiction done right. . . . The book [has] a cinematic quality, like an old German movie. . . . There are also many beautiful passages about music.”—Provincetown Independent

What You Could Have Won
Rachel Genn | And Other Stories | 9781911508861 | November 2020
“A lively, bracing novel about the perils of attraction; it brims with insights into physical and emotional dependency.”—Foreword Reviews

Cold Moon
Roger Rosenblatt | Turtle Point Press | 9781885983886 | October 2020
“A dreamlike collage of memories—tearfilled, joyful . . . unfailingly hopeful.”—Foreword Reviews

A Silent Fury: The El Bordo Mine Fire
Yuri Herrera, trans. Lisa Dillman | And Other Stories | 9781911508786 | June 2020

“Out of the fragmentary scarcity and contradictions, Herrera builds a beautiful testament to truth. The story that Herrera is telling is not limited to industrial tragedies, the work that he does to demonstrate complicity and the brilliant essaying on the true meaning of public monuments links A Silent Fury and the El Bordo incident to the state sanctioned violence we have all been grappling with this summer. This beautiful book is a brilliant testament to the breaking of silences and to acts of radical witnessing.”—Southern Review of Books

Tyree Daye | Copper Canyon Press | 9781556595738 | October 2020
“Daye skillfully weaves together both the personal and historical, presenting an experience of living as a black person in America that is both singular and universal. The collection is more than poetry—it also functions as a guide for its audience, providing markers throughout the text.”

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