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DMZ Colony
Don Mee Choi | Wave Books | 9781940696959 | April 2020
“Choi strips down Ahn’s language to its most guttural, a siren-like scream of pain.”—Los Angeles Review of Books

The Wolf’s Trail
Thomas D. Peacock | Holy Cow! Press | 9781513645629 | June 2020
“These universal stories manifest teachings of morality, how to treat others (both human and non-human) and how to live a virtuous life. But Tom [Peacock] wrote them, too, with the specific hope of encouraging the younger Ojibwe generation to treasure and keep their collective story.”—Lake Superior Magazine

Vigilance is No Orchard
Hazel White | Nightboat Books | 9781937658823 | June 2018
“White’s is a book on building, unbuilding, collecting and assembling, articulating how language, structures and gardens are constructed, both naturally and artificially.”—Rob McLennan’s Blog

Andrew Durbin | Nightboat Books | 9781643620275 | July 2020
“Epochs collide in Skyland: ancient Greece, Paris at the peak of the AIDS crisis, Summer 2017 on Patmos, and, for today’s readers, the moment of racial reckoning we’re witnessing now.”—Gayletter

Every Day We Get More Illegal
Juan Felipe Herrera | City Lights Publishers | 9780872868281 | September 2020
“This latest collection from Herrera continues his legacy as poet, performer, and activist. . . . A timely and propulsive work.”—Library Journal, starred review

The Offing
Benjamin Myers | Third Man Books | 9781733350143 | October 2020
“Myers writes beautifully and insightfully. . . . Highly sensory and inviting. . . . There is plenty of wit and depth to be found in Myers’ lyrical writing and in the captivating way he envisions an unlikely friendship.”—Book Page

Stranger Faces
Namwali Serpell | Transit Books | 9781945492433 | September 2020
“A delightful deep dive.”—Vulture

Underworld Lit
Srikanth Reddy | Wave Books | 9781940696935 | August 2020
“If there is hope to be found in Reddy’s powerful collection, it is in the possibility of a literature that might repair our relationship with the dead.”—Los Angeles Review of Books

How to Carry Water
Lucile Clifton edit. Aracelis Giramay | BOA Editions | 9781950774142 | September 2020 
“No one writes like Lucille Clifton, and yet, if it were possible to open a voice, like a suitcase, to see what it carries inside, I believe that within the voices of many contemporary U.S. poets are the poems of Lucille Clifton.”—The Paris Review

The Game is Not A Game
Robert Scoop Jackson | Haymarket Books | 9781642590968 | March 2020
The Game Is Not a Game was published before the protests in response to George Floyd’s death and the creation of the NBA bubble, but Jackson predicts a revolution in sports that will spread to the greater public. . . . For Jackson, the game is the game, but there’s still the game itself, which is not a game.”—New York Review of Books

Inner Child
Henry Blackshaw | Cicada Books | 9781908714817 | September 2020 |
“The wrap-up works to recover an upbeat, empathic tone . . . but readers may come away thinking that Peter Pan was on to something after all.”—Publishers Weekly 

Grove: A Field Novel
Esther Kinsky, trans. Caroline Schmidt | Transit Books | 9781945492389 | July 2020

“An exquisite and elusive diaristic work comprised of entries analogous to a researcher’s field notes. . . . Kinsky is a photographer’s novelist; her prose unravels like a roll of film as visual meditation.”—Publishers Weekly

To the Mountain
Erik Raschke | Torrey House Press | 9781948814324 | February 2021
“At its peak, this novel of a parent and child in trouble is a harrowing and engaging tale of survival.”—Kirkus Reviews

The Girl Who Was Convinced Beyond All Reason That She Could Fly
Sybil Lamb | Arsenal Pulp Press | 9781551528175 | November 2020
“Lamb conjures an eccentric and original world and writes with a fantastical style that leaves readers perpetually wide-eyed in wonder.”—Kirkus Reviews

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