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Girls Lost
Jessica Schiefauer, trans. Saskia Vogel | Deep Vellum Publishing | 9781941920954 | March 2020
Girls Lost is probing, prodding, asking questions, mulling, considering, debating. It doesn’t have an agenda; it’s a curious tale that simply wants us to consider the borders that have been built around sex, gender, and sexuality, and the politics and laws and rules and traditions and personalities that have been cultivated by these borders.”—Books and Bao

The Nail The Evening Hangs On
Monica Sok | Copper Canyon Press | 9781556595608 | February 2020
“[A] radiant debut collection.”—Los Angeles Review of Books

A Grave is Given Supper
Mike Soto | Deep Vellum Publishing | 9781646050109 | July 2020
“Forceful and varied, shedding unflinching light. . . . Soto dives into the landscape and underworld of El Sumidero ready to expose the moments of glimmer that don’t happen despite, but rather in tandem with, a gritty world.”—Michigan Quarterly Review

Tyree Daye | Copper Canyon Press | 9781556595738 | October 2020

“This book provides a musical, meditative map and account of America.”—Publishers Weekly

A History of Kindness
Linda Hogan | Torrey House Press | 9781948814256 | June 2020
“Hogan remains awed and humble in this sweetly embracing, plangent book of grateful, sorrowful, tender poems wed to the scarred body and ravaged Earth.”—Booklist

Reason to Kill
Andy Weinberger | Prospect Park Books | 9781945551864 | September 2020
“The tight plot is enriched with Amos’s wry observations. Descriptions of Amos’s tender yet increasingly fragile feelings for his dementia-stricken wife add poignancy. Hopefully, Amos still has a long career ahead of him.”—Publishers Weekly

Alice Bowsher | Cicada Books | 9781908714787 | October 2020
“Young readers, particularly dog lovers, may get a kick out of Scruff’s makeover and the idea of a dog who loves a blow-dryer directed straight at his face.”—Kirkus Reviews

Student Ambassador
Ryan Estrada, illus. Axur Eneas | Iron Circus Comics | 9781945820601 | September 2020

“A fun adventure tale with a lot of personality, this is a strong addition to middle grade graphic novel adventure collections.”—School Library Journal

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