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Little Wonder: The Fabulous Story of Lottie Dod, the World’s First Female Sports Superstar
Sasha Abramsky | Akashic Books/Edge of Sports | 9781617758195 | August 2020
“Abramsky’s reclamation of [Dod’s] story is a welcome addition that reminds us that women have long struggled for an equitable place in sports and that women athletes do have predecessors to look toward for encouragement in their contemporary fights for pay equity, TV coverage and respect.”—Ms. Magazine

The Berlin Masterpieces in America
edit. Peter Jonathan Bell and Kristi A. Nelson | GILES | 9781911282631 | July 2020
“The first publication to address this fascinating chapter in cultural history.”—Fine Art Today

Nine Bar Blues
Sheree Renée Thomas | Third Man Books | 9780997457896 | May 2020
“Music, magic, sci-fi and fantasy all coalesce in this collection of short stories by two-time World Fantasy Award-winner Sheree Renée Thomas. Thomas’ signature poignant and mystical style pays homage to the musical traditions from which she draws inspiration: genres home-grown on American soil, especially the blues.”—Colorado Springs Indy

The Wolf’s Trail
Thomas D. Peacock | Holy Cow! Press | 9781513645629 | June 2020
“There is such strong wisdom in this novel. We who are not Ojibwe learn so much about our Native brothers and sisters. As has been said too much of late, yet meant not enough, we are all in this together. Is there any better measure of a work of art than that it links us? By that gauge, The Wolf’s Trail is a small, quiet masterpiece.”—Minneapolis Tribune

Eve Out of Her Ruins
Ananda Devi, trans. Jeffrey Zuckerman | Deep Vellum Publishing | 9781941920404 | September 2016
Eve Out of Her Ruins is a pleasure to read, with Zuckerman doing excellent work on the variety of voices Devi uses, a vital contribution to the success of the novel.  Just as much, though, it’s the character of Eve that makes the story, an enigmatic figure ghosting through the novel, perhaps best seen when the dark background is set against occasional rays of light and happiness.”—Tony’s Reading List

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