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Fiebre Tropical
Julie Delgado Lopera | The Feminist Press at CUNY | 9781936932757 | March 2020
“The potent sights, sounds, smells and textures of Miami don’t begin to compare with the vibrant, witty interior of a Colombian immigrant teen discovering herself in Juli Delgado Lopera’s dazzling first novel, Fiebre Tropical.”—Shelf Awareness

Growing Up Below Sea Level: A Kibbutz Childhood
Rachel Biale | Mandel Vilar Press | 9781942134633 | April 2020
“[A] breathtaking pursuit novel full of brutality and tenderness.’—Shelf Awareness.”—Reviews by Amos Lassen

A Silent Fury: The El Bordo Mine Fire
Yuri Herrera, trans. Lisa Dillman | And Other Stories | 9781911508786 | June 2020
“A book that demands to be read.”—The Spectator

Like Bismuth When I Enter
Carlos Lara | Nightboat Books | 9781643620190 | April 2020
“Lara’s work—aggressively gorgeous; confident—possesses a syntax (& voice), that despite its brazen eccentricity, we associate with reason.”—Tourniquet Review

Sun of Consciousness
Edouard Glissant, trans. Nathanaël | Nightboat Books | 9781937658953 | February 2020
“This book articulates Glissant’s vision for a future in which literature defies nationality, as he adopts the stance of the poet-seer, calling for a gradual decolonization of the mind.”—Modern Poetry in Translation

The Drive
Yair Assulin, trans. Jessica Cohen | New Vessel Press | 9781939931825 | April 2020
“An intense, com­pact work that presents a point of view on Israeli life that may be unfa­mil­iar and quite sur­pris­ing to non-Israelis. . . . The nov­el presents a ver­sion of the eter­nal con­flict between the indi­vid­ual and soci­ety. . . . The Dri­ve reveals facets of mod­ern Israeli cul­ture not usu­al­ly known out­side of Israel.”—Jewish Book Council

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