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GG | Koyama Press | 9781927668726 | January 2020
“With minimal text and color, GG translates the thoughts and feelings playing on repeat for many living with depression.”—Women Write About Comics
“The picture GG manages to paint with her elegant style, calculated layouts, and poetically-timed statements gives the reader a look into the author’s mind with the subtlety of a scraped knee: not enough to draw tears, but enough to create emotional scratches that will be felt for days.”—Comics Bookcase

The Unseen
Roy Jacobsen, trans. Don Shaw and Don Bartlett | Biblioasis | 9781771963190 | April 2020
“Through a host of powerful linguistic choices, the translation evokes an archaic way of life that’s slowly being displaced—and a visceral approach to the natural world that can be bracing and unsettling in equal measure.”—Words without Borders

Four by Four
Sara Mesa, trans. Katie Whittemore | Open Letter | 9781948830140 | May 2020
“Sara Mesa pulls off the impressive feat of sustaining a mood of ambiguous dread throughout this novel. It’s a work that abounds with deceptions (some more sinister than others) and abuses of power; there’s also a hint of dystopia to the larger world. For readers who enjoy mood, menace, and just a dash of the Gothic, there’s plenty to savor here.”—Words without Borders

Apsara Engine
Bishakh Som | The Feminist Press at CUNY |
9781936932818 | April 2020
“Much like a map, Som’s novel opens up a portal and lets us imagine all the places it could take us to.”—Hyperallergic

The Ethical Meat Handbook
Meredith Leigh | New Society Publishers | 9780865719231 | February 2020
“Leigh, who had been scheduled for a spring book tour, is instead sharing information on her website about how people can network, collaborate and even barter to obtain beef and pork.”—Mountain Express

Even When Fall Is Here
Ruth Estévez, art by Erick Meyenberg, contrib. Eloisa Haudenschild | DoppelHouse Press | 9781733957915 | April 2020
“In the rich interplay of the many sources Estévez pulls together, questions are generated that don’t have easy answers. The reader cannot escape the heavy weight of historical representations of gardens, and the significance given to them by observers and toilers alike. . . . How do we live more fully in the seasons, the uncertainty, and the revealing? Created over a two-year period, the project ultimately produced a six-channel video, 45 paintings by Meyenberg, and this book. There is beauty in the instruction manual and color ranges that Shea left for Haudenschild to keep her garden alive, much of which is reproduced in this book. Although the book is a composite of the real and unreal, at the heart of it is an honest conversation—a marker of a man’s final months and legacy, and the remembering of his place in his world. A place we will all find ourselves in one day; hopefully in or near a garden.”—The OC Art Blog

Art of Pernille Ørum
Pernille Ørum, edit. 3dTotal Publishing | 3dTotal Publishing | 9781912843152 | April 2020
“This 152-page hardcover is a beautiful artbook that talks about Pernille’s career. . . . This is one of many fantastic artist-centric artbooks that 3DTotal has been putting out recently.”—Parka Blogs

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate
edit. 3dTotal Publishing | 3dTotalPublishing | 9781912843145 | April 2020
“This is an insightful book for those who want to learn the ins and outs of Procreate and get serious with it.”—Park Blogs

Felix After the Rain
Dunja Jogan, edit. and trans. Olivia Hellewell | Tiny Owl Publishing | 9781910328583 | June 2020
“Explores the power of utilizing a support system when it comes to mitigating grief and bringing levity and perspective to upsetting situations.”—Lets Talk Picture Books

Niam! Cooking with Kids
Kerry McCluskey | Inhabit Media | 9781772272550 | April 2020
Woven in amongst the tacos and the sugar cookies are ways to use cooking to give back to the community, traditional Inuit knowledge about country food, and lists of skills that kids will develop as they work their way through each recipe. With recipes for even the littlest chef, this book offers the most delicious kind of learning.” School Library Connection

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