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Honey, I Killed the Cats
Dorota Maslowska, trans. Benjamin Paloff | Deep Vellum Publishing | 9781941920824 | October 2019

“Paloff deserves to be commended. His translation is as transparent as possible, literal without being wooden, lively yet not artificially so. Maslowska’s linguistic vigor communicates itself to English-language readers so readily that we are caught up in the quick current of her prose before we even know what the book is about.”—Reading in Translation

Mare Nostrum
Khaled Mattawa | Sarabande Books | 9781946448361 | Sarabande Books | August 2019
“This is a path to compassion without arrogance and mystery without indifference.”—World Literature Today

The Dinner Guest
Gabriela Ybarra, trans. Natasha Wimmer | Transit Books | 9781945492242 | May 2019
“Gabriela Ybarra grew up in death’s shadow. Before she was born, her grandfather was kidnapped and executed by Basque separatists . . . Ybarra explores this event as she learns about it years later, piecing together critical and often conflicting details from friends, family, and investigative research, to address not only her family’s experience of death, grief, and fear but also her own experience of absence, silence, and confusion. It is a narrative of conflicts, near-miracles, and ultimate tragedies that makes for an explosive and compelling read.”—World Literature Today

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