This Week’s News

Guernica interviewed Diana Marie Delgado, author of Tracing the Horse (BOA Editions) on November 12.

School Library Journal wrote about the transformative power of Immigration Stories from Madison and Milwaukee High Schools (edit. Tea Rozman-Clark and Rachel Mueller) on October 31.

Adam Mansbach talked about his most recent book, Fuck, Now There Are Two Of You (illusOwen BrozmanAkashic Books) on ABC 7 Chicago’s Windy City Live.

Writer’s Bone interviewed Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne about her debut novel Holding on to Nothing (Blair) on November 6.

Conjunctions published “In the Mist of Everything,” a short story by Hilary Leichter (Temporary, Coffee House Press), in its fall issue.

The Southwest Review published an interview between Rodrigo Fresán, author of The Dreamed Part (Open Letter), and the translator of the novel, Will Vanderhyden, in its fall/winter issue.

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