This Week’s Reviews

Bradley of Him
Connor Willumsen | Koyama Press | 9781927668733 | November 2019
“The world is a confusing place. A comic about a confusing world should be confusing too.”—PopMatters

The Flip: Epiphanies of Mind and the Future of Knowledge 
Jeffrey J. Kripal | Bellevue Literary Press | 9781942658528 | March 2019
“Erudite enough to be absorbed in sophisticated academic discourse, but succinct and engaging enough to be taken up in an undergraduate seminar, and to reach a public beyond the universities. With its visionary notions and revisionary potential, The Flip merits a wide readership, across the academy and outside of it.”—Houston Chronicle

Feast Day of the Cannibals
Norman Lock | Bellevue Literary Press | 9781942658467 | July 2019
“Lock’s recreation of a past time and place is impressive. . . . The plot of Feast Day . . . is carefully constructed and deftly concluded, leading Ross and the young man he doesn’t know he loves inexorably to their fate.”—The Gay and Lesbian Review

Will Eaves | Bellevue Literary Press | 9781942658641 | April 2019
“The author shows us our own weaknesses, our hidden appetites, and our confused disapproval of a brutally unjust system and one of its reckless victims.”—The Gay and Lesbian Review

Reinhardt’s Garden
Mark Haber | Coffee House Press | 9781566895620 | October 2019
“From a narrative perspective, Haber’s summoning of seemingly archaic techniques works quite well. . . . he offers a cautionary note about our own dreams of what may come next for society, while simultaneously demonstrating a welcome literary virtuosity.”—Music and Literature

Serious Fun: How Guided Play Extends Children’s Learning
edited by Marie L. Masterson and Holly Bohart | NAEYC | 9781938113390 | February 2019
Serious Fun provides many opportunities for the reader to consider important basic questions about the adult’s role in children’s play and the relations of teaching, playing, and learning with the focus on preschoolers and kindergartener. . . . The book is valuable for its special features as well as for its chapters.  There are the wonderful photos and useful captions, thought-provoking questions and comments at the beginning of each chapter. . . . [An] exciting and needed new book for teachers and parents of young children, also recommended for teacher educators and leaders.”—Teachers College Record  

Animal Sutras: Animal Spirit Stories
Stephen Levine | Monkfish Book Publishing | 9781948626064 | September 2019
“This is a precious book whether or not you’re familiar with Stephen and his work. Animal Sutras will reach even more deeply into your heart if you are already familiar with his work. The book gives insights into his personality and life that don’t always show up in his other writings and works. Animal Sutras will find a place in the homes of animal lovers and spiritual seekers alike and his stories will be treasured and shared for years to come.”—New Spirit Journal

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