This Week’s Reviews

The Remainder
Alia Trabucco Zerán, trans. Sophie Hughes | Coffee House Press | 9781566895507 | August 2019
“An affecting novel, with a strident and clear voice.”—Rain Taxi

Peter Mishler | Sarabande Books | 9781946448194 | May 2018
“A master of the bon mot, [Mishler] is totally unconstrained by the limits realism places on writing. . . . Fludde is, to borrow [Dean] Young’s description, ‘a companion for our dream life.’ Drink it in. Mishler fills any glass with words and knows every twist of phrase.”—Grist

Rat Time
Keiler Roberts | Koyama Press | 9781927668702 | September 2019
“With Rat Time, Keiler Roberts has given herself permission to go all-out in an attempt to be funny, knowing that her commitment to emotional honesty and deep sincerity will keep her and her readers grounded in reality.”—Your Chicken Enemy

Simon & Louise
Max de Radiguès, trans. Aleshia Jensen | Conundrum Press | 9781772620351 | August 2019
“Belgian cartoonist Max de Radiguès has established himself as a prime chronicler of the lives of young people. . . . Simon & Louise is a rather cautionary story that uses immaturity as its launch pad for examining teen relationships. In doing so, it also proposes calm in the face of calamity, and as the necessary balm to uncertainty in relationships.”—The Comics Beat

Michael DeForge | Koyama Press | 9781927668696 | September 2019
“At its very heart, Stunt is a chilling reminder of how we lose ourselves when we strive to become the very essence of those celebrities we admire and emulate.”—The Comics Beat

“Michael DeForge’s new graphic novella . . . is a compelling combination of excess and restraint.”—PopMatters

Stunt is a fitting farewell for DeForge’s work with Koyama Press. While it is a visceral, uncomfortable experience to read, DeForge’s sense of restraint never sees him overplaying his hand.”—Your Chicken Enemy

Night Angler 
Geffrey Davis | BOA Editions | 9781942683780 | April 2019
“Davis effectively captures situations where we feel as if we could be moments away from witnessing (or dare I say be a part of) tenderness or affliction. These poems do the hard work of singing hopeful in the face of tragedy and fixing our eyes on the complexities of situations that are often smoothed out when treated by less attention and awe-gathering poets.”—The Diagram

Personal Volcano
Laura Moriarty | Nightboat Books | 9781937658960 | May 2019
Personal Volcano is a poetic event of the highest order and we need its counsel now. . . . [it] teems with a lexicon whose scientific precision and sheer abundance produce inexplicable splendor. Lava, ash, and gases punctuate the various eruptions while calderas and fumaroles exert an eerie power of seduction.”—Fence Digital 

My Life on the Line: How the NFL Damn Near Killed Me, and Ended Up Saving My Life
Ryan O’Callaghan with Cyd Zeigler | Akashic Books | 9781617757594 | September 2019
“O’Callaghan has written a gripping and complex examination of the ways in which bigotry and self-hatred walk hand in hand, and the ways in which the snares we set for ourselves are often more dangerous than the ones which others set for us. It’s a shame that a book like this is still necessary. Thank goodness O’Callaghan wrote it.”—New York Journal of Books

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