This Week’s Reviews

i-Minds, 2nd Edition: How and Why Constant Connectivity is Rewiring Our Brains and What to Do About It
Mari Swingle | New Society Publishers | 9780865719019 | May 2019
“Swingle’s purpose is to arm readers with information needed to make informed decisions about these technologies, and she does this in a scholarly yet easy-to-read style. Highly recommended [for] all readers.”—Choice Magazine

Rebecca Rosen | Conundrum Press | 9781772620283 | November 2018
“A fever dream of a comic, Flem is both a technically accomplished use of the mechanics of the form to embed theme in presentation and a compelling character study of a damaged woman in crisis, desperately looking to find identity and purpose in activism and camaraderie.”—Broken Frontier

Arabicity: Contemporary Arab Art
edited by Rose Issa | Saqi Books | 9780863566882 | September 2019
“Provocative and reflective. . . . [a] wonderful collection of visual art which also serves as excellent introduction to the world of modern Arabic art. This book will be a worthwhile addition to anyone’s collection of contemporary visual arts.”—Blogcritics

Cozy Days: The Art of Iraville
Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde | 3dtotal Publishing | 9781909414631 | October 2018
“A wonderful hardcover artbook for fans of her art. . . . Gorgeous, insightful and inspiring. . . . Fantastic addition to the 3dtotal illustrator series of artbooks.”—Parka Blogs

The Art of Heikala: Works and Thoughts
Heikala | 3dtotal Publishing | 9781909414815 | February 2019
“This book provides a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at how Heikala creates her work. There’s a lot of insight from the text as well. . . . A delightful visual and insightful treat.”—Parka Blogs

Sketch with Asia: Manga-inspired Art and Tutorials by Asia Ladowska
Asia Ladowska | 3dtotal Publishing | 9781909414662 | March 2019
“This is a great book put very well together with inspiring stories, good art and practical hands-on tutorial. It’s worth the money. Highly recommended to those who want to learn and get inspired.”—Parka Blogs

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