This Week’s Reviews

Savage Conversations
LeAnne Howe | Coffee House Press | 9781566895316 | February 2018
“Part fever dream, part extended meditation on madness, Howe’s Savage Conversations is a bracing commentary on the nature of guilt and grief.”—Historical Novel Society

Premonitions: Selected Essays on the Culture of Revolt
AK Thompson | AK Press | 9781849353380 | December 2018
“Thompson navigates a variety of encounters through which he tries to understand our frustrated desires for a better world. He does this primarily in order to return us to those desires more clear-eyed and ready for the next battle. . . . He often fuses absurdity, despair, and an unwillingness to give up with the aid of a sly, sad joke.”—Tarpaulin Sky

Kelly Forsythe | Coffee House Press | 9781566895170 | August 2018
“The sad fact is violence endures; it is perennial. But so too are the girls who have to face it, who have to live through it, who have to find ways to behave that will not make them targets of this rage. Forsythe’s book offers us the chance to be devastated into awareness and awareness into action, if only we will listen and let it go to seed.”—American Micro Reviews

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