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Crosslight for Youngbird
Asiya Wadud | Nightboat Books | 9781937658878 | October 2018
“In an age of attenuated imagination, of diminished attention, Crosslight for Youngbird might be a lifeline—offering a kind of spiritual transfusion for the weary, the boxed-in, the blinded. Wadud’s poems restore sense to those regions of ourselves that have been numbed by privilege, which under capitalism and (neo)colonialism is only ever the temporary and partial suspension of a deeper oppression. Crosslight turns all its voltage on this relationship between the privilege we may mistake for freedom and the oppression it is in fact.”—Kenyon Review

Jan-Henry Gray | BOA Editions | 9781942683742 | April 2019
“Meta-cognitive and openhearted, this book offers itself as a kind of instruction manual for how one might identify structures in writing and in the world that are designed to limit access, rather than grant it—as well as how one might resist and reinvent them.”—American Poets

Night Angler
Geffrey Davis | BOA Editions | 9781942683780 | April 2019
Night Angler journeys you through childhood to parenthood, through violence to peace, and through the wilderness to home, leaving you disarmed.”—Arkansas International

Savage Conversations
LeAnne Howe | Coffee House Press | 9781566895316 | February 2018
“Howe’s book powerfully contributes to our understanding and re-thinking of a moment in time that we are still grappling with today. In the wake of recent movements to remove Confederate monuments as we work to present the truths of history, Howe’s book directs our attention to a violent event that has not been adequately acknowledged. Through experimental form, Howe refracts a moment of history that readers simply cannot forget, that they will inevitably carry with them long after reading the last page.”—The Carolina Quarterly

Tamamo the Fox Maiden: and Other Asian Stories
Edited by Kel McDonald & Kate Ashwin | Iron Circus Comics | 9781945820342 | April 2019
“Puts a fun modernized spin on each story it features, allowing for zany humor, fun illustrations, and a fresh feel that will introduce any curious reader to the world of Asian mythology.”—Quirktastic

The Chancellor and the Citadel
Maria Capelle Frantz | Iron Circus Comics | 9781945820267 | February 2019
“An incredibly impressive and richly imagined graphic novel debut.”—Quirktastic

Girl Gone Missing
Marcie R. Rendon | Cinco Puntos Press | 9781947627116 | June 2019
“I won’t recount the terror, the drama, and the bravery of what follows. . . . The ending, I’ll just say, is deeply satisfying.”—The Grand Rapids Herald-Review

A Student of History
Nina Revoyr | Akashic Books | 9781617756641 | March 2019
“A deftly and elegantly crafted novel by a master of narrative storytelling and a genuine flair for originality.”—Midwest Book Review

The Chestnut Challenge
Tracey Hecht, illus. Josie Yee | Fabled Films Press | 9781944020224 | April 2019
“Young readers ages 6-8 will delight in this entertaining animal adventure while learning about the themes of playing games for fun and displaying good sportsmanship. . . . especially and unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library collections.”—Midwest Book Review

“I’m a dedicated fan of this series. Tracey Hecht has a way of reaching kids by using adorable animals with distinctive personalities to get to the heart of real-life situations kids find themselves coping with, and how to start discussions about those situations.”—Mom Read It

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