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Holy Moly Carry Me 
Erika Meitner | BOA Editions | 9781942683629 | September 2018
“[T]hinking of this volume as an elegant mixtape does not feel like a stretch. Often, individually and collectively, its poems represent an amalgamation of samplings—coalescing into a reading experience suffused with the speaker’s private griefs and unexpected delights, a humor of juxtapositions, as the poet anticipates when her reader needs a mood change when to fade slowly in or out.”—The Adroit Journal

Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through
T Fleischmann | Coffee House Press | 9781566895477 | June 2019
“Non-fiction piled on top of an art critique balanced on photographs and spun around by poetry.”—Columbia Journal

Invasive species
Marwa Helal | Nightboat Books | 9781937658939 | January 2019
“This is a real project book, rather than the collections of shiny one-offs I’m used to seeing in first books, and it doesn’t have a ton of perfect little lyrics of the type I’d like to quote to hook you—it builds as it goes, and its perspective and emotion feels earned.”—Fence Digital

The Flip: Epiphanies of Mind and the Future of Knowledge
Jeffrey J. Kripal | Bellevue Literary Press | 9781942658528 | March 2019
“Wonderfully rich. . . . Reading this book is an embodied experience; it is yoga for the mind. The Flip is an important book that deserves a broad readership both inside and outside the academy.”—Reading Religion

The Early Sprouts Cookbook
Karrie Kalich, Lynn Arnold, and Carole Russell | Redleaf Press | 9781605540429 | October 2011
“The book makes food science and wholesome nutrition exciting, accessible, and factual. . . . a boon for program cooks and classroom teachers eager to share the joys of tasty and nutritious foods.” —Texas Child Care Quarterly

131 Different Things
Zachary Lipez, photographs by Nick Zinner, design by Stacy Wakefield | Akashic Books | 9781617756672 | November 2018
“This is an entertaining pub-crawl saga like no other. . . . This book captures the angst, the joys and the struggles with love and career that young people experience. Lipez uses authentic language of the pop culture and the bar scene to create a raw, often very funny, and certainly realistic story.”—The Berkshire Eagle

Now You See the Sky
Catharine H. Murray | Akashic Books/Gracie Belle | 9781617756665 | November 2018
“[S]o real, so tender and so painful that its impact will be felt long after the last page. . . . It must have been very difficult for Murray to tell this story, so personal yet so necessary, but she writes with such honesty and clarity, sure to evoke strong reader reactions.”—Kennebec Journal

Death of a Rainmaker: A Dust Bowl Mystery
Laurie Loewenstein | Akashic Books/Kaylie Jones Books | 9781617756658 | October 2018
“Laurie Loewenstein’s new mystery novel . . . expertly evokes the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. . . . Loewenstein’s novel sometimes reads like a combination of a Western and a mystery. But that genre mishmash works.”—Washington City Paper

Gracie Leavitt | Nightboat Books | 9781937658892 | October 2018
“Leavitt shows us that shrapnel is crucial. The broken invigorating. To collect is not to put back together. To be eternally dormant, emerging, coming out, coming into, a volcano of influence, an endless network of feeling roots. To write a deeply female lyric is not a disorder or a cry for help. To plant, to sew, to take up, to bring care, to call for care is not a biography or an invitation to the room.”—Tarpaulin Sky

The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle
Victoria Williamson | Floris Books/Kelpies | 9781782504900| September 2018
“The author does an incredible job of showing how important feelings of pre-teens are in their decision making process, and how adults and peers can influence this.  It was fascinating to see her develop a friendship between two girls who, from the outside, appear to be drastically different yet face similar internal struggles of belonging and where they fit in their family.”—The Children’s Book Review

The Joy of Movement: Lesson Plans and Large-Motor Activities for Preschoolers
Mary Lynn Hafner | Redleaf Press | 9781605546421 | January 2019
“Exceptionally well organized and presented, The Joy of Movement is ideal and very highly recommended curriculum resource for center[s], preschool, and kindergarten teachers and support staff.” —The Midwest Book Review

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