This Week’s Hot Reviews

Mars: Stories
Asja Bakić | The Feminist Press at CUNY | 9781936932481 | March 2019
“There’s an immediacy to Bakić’s offbeat worldview, sometimes strange and surreal, sometimes terrifying and upsetting, that pairs perfectly with the madness of the current political moment.”—Locus Magazine

Pleasure Activism
adrienne maree brown | AK Press | 9781849353267 | March 2019
“In her provocative new book, Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, the Detroit-based author, activist and doula demonstrates how we can tap into our emotional and erotic desires to organize against oppression.”—Colorlines

Wounds into Wisdom: Healing Intergenerational Jewish Trauma
Rabbi Tirzah Firestone | Monkfish Book Publishing/Adam Kadmon Books | 9781948626026 | April 2019
“[W]ritten with empathy, combining research, Jewish teachings, psychological insights, [Firestone’s] own family’s stories and those of other Holocaust survivor families.”—The New York Jewish Week

Revenge of the Translator
Brice Matthieussent, trans. Emma Ramadan | Deep Vellum Publishing | 9781941920695 | September 2018
“[T]he ingenious, and sometimes plain outrageous, devices Matthieussent engineers to continue reintroducing these elements into the text is one of the great joys of the book. This network of symbols, which the reader is constantly trying to process and make sense of, is what drives the novel on and stops it from descending (completely) into farce.”—Onomatomania

Kai Carlson-Wee | BOA Editions | 9781942683582 | April 2018
“[U]nlike any ride we’ve ever taken. . . . We see and hear Kerouac, Whitman, W.C. Williams, and we’re not even warmed up. Carlson-Wee is world-weary and yet believably innocent at the same time. . . . Carlson-Wee writes poems so well you might be led to think he found them, carved in stone, in some sacred poetry place.”—Today’s Book of Poetry

Mudgirls Manifesto: Handbuilt Homes, Handcrafted Lives
The Mudgirls Natural Building Collective | New Society Publishing | 9780865718777 | May 2018
“Given their experience and their perspectives, this book is a treasure for anyone who wants to learn natural building and for anyone who wants to bring community and work collaboratively.”—Permaculture Design Magazine

Changemakers: Embracing Hope, Taking Action, and Transforming the World
Fay Weller and Mary Wilson | New Society Publishing | 9780865718753 | May 2018
“This book begins by telling stories of hope and positive change. [It] will inspire action in others looking for the “how” of change.”—Permaculture Design Magazine

When a Woman Rises
Christine Eber | Cinco Puntos Press | 9781941026847 | September 2018
When a Woman Rises is set in the Maya township of Chenalhó, Chiapas, a place Christine depicts beautifully and with clear understanding. . . . As Magdalena tells the story of Lucia, their friendship and their struggles, a larger narrative unfolds gradually revealing the complex lives and culture of Chiapas. Through the voice of Magdalena, we hear about the community’s painful history, the rise of the Zapatistas, alcoholism, the fusion of Maya beliefs with Catholicism, and so much more.”—Thrums Books

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