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Tigerbelle: The Wyomia Tyus Story
Wyomia Tyus and Elizabeth Terzakis | Akashic Books/Edge of Sports | 9781617756580 | September 2018
“It’s an interesting account, especially for what it shows about [Tyus’s] world, which became dramatically wider (she was raised in the rural south but traveled extensively as a result of her athletic expertise) as well as for the gender dynamics prevailing in the era when she was coming up as an Olympian.”—History News Network

Roque Larraquy | Coffee House Press | 9781566895156 | July 2018
“Reading Roque Larraquy’s excellent and twisted novel Comemadre is an exercise in duality: mind and body, present and past, science and art.”—New Letters

Jenny Boully | Coffee House Press | 9781566895101 | April 2018
“Boully has given us a supple and suggestive volume, one dedicated to multiplying literary possibilities even as it names and forcefully critiques the economic and institutional forces that construct and constrain such possibility.”—Georgia Review

Struck: A Husband’s Memoir of Trauma and Triumph
Doug Segal | Prospect Park Books | 9781945551383 | October 2018
“Heartbreaking, inspiring, unflinchingly honest, and often funny as hell. . . as spellbinding as the best binge-worthy TV show. Except that every moment of this story is real.”—Arizona Jewish Post

Augusta Savage: Renaissance Woman
Jeffreen M. Hayes | D. Giles | 9781911282228 | October 2018
“A welcome addition to the scant coverage of this important and influential American artist.”—ARLIS/NA

The Buddhist Swastika and Hitler’s Cross: Rescuing a Symbol of Peace from the Forces of Hate
T. K. Nakagaki | Stone Bridge Press | 9781611720457 | September 2018
“[Nakagaki] details the swastika’s Eastern roots and traces its use in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All these uses predate the Nazi’s appropriation of the symbol by centuries.”—Lion’s Roar

Ambiguity Machines and Other Stories
Vandana Singh | Small Beer Press | 9781618731432 | February 2018
“Vandana Singh tells sci-fi stories that stray far from the norm. . . . Ambiguity Machines is a remarkable and thought-provoking collection.”—Virginia Living

The Summer of Dead Birds
Ali Liebegott | The Feminist Press at CUNY | 9781936932504 | March 2019
“[A] wondrous accomplishment. . . . The Summer of Dead Birds doesn’t want to lift you up. It wants to excite you about the natural history of sorrow and to point out the similarity between freedom and grief. . . . [T]he book is sly and surprising, melding sadness and comedy.”—Women’s Review of Books

Under Water
J.L. Powers | Catalyst Press | 9781941026031 | January 2019
“[Under Water] is not a Disneyfied version of life for a young girl in a South African community, but a true-to-life examination of adolescence, cultural complexities, and global issues. For young adult readers, this is a book that will not sugar coat and will provoke thoughtful conversation about many difficult topics.”—New Pages

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