This Week’s Hot Reviews

Weegee: Serial Photographer
Max de Radiguès and Wauter Mannaert | Conundrum Press | 9781772620238 | May 2018

“A fascinating portrayal of a complex individual.”—Broken Frontier

Scenes from a Childhood
Jon Fosse, translated by Damion Searls | Fitzcarraldo Editions | 9781910695531 | November 2018

“Fosse’s style—straightforward, unembellished, but ranging from the concisely spelled out to the more rambling stream-of-(troubled-)consciousness—is crisp and beautifully polished, while the variety of piece here ensures the reader isn’t overwhelmed by the narrow focus of any single narrative.”—The Complete Review

Thirty Days
Annelies Verbeke, translated by Liz Waters | World Editions | 9781642860054 | November 2018

“While the novel Thirty Days, by Annelies Verbeke deals with these very contemporary, divisive themes of immigration, displacement, racism, and the rise of hate groups, it is not an overtly political novel, but an artful examination of the rich, interior life of one Senegalese immigrant, living in Belgium.” —The Literary Review

Mephisto’s Waltz
Sergio Pitol, translated by George Henson | Deep Vellum Publishing | 9781941920831 | January 2019

“This collection spans decades in PItol’s career, and the stories found within it are set in numerous countries, giving a fantastic sense of the dizzying life of their author. Pitol’s storytelling often takes storytelling itself as the subject, and the winding and complex tales here fantastically evoke different modes of memory and narrative.”—Words Without Borders

Fame: The Hijacking of Reality
Justine Bateman | Akashic Books |
9781617756603 | October 2018

“Walking through the familiar trappings of stardom—false friendships, abusive management, trust issues—Bateman underlines with grit the misconceptions of being a luminary which oft lead many to its pursuit.”—Women’s Review of Books

Cruel Fiction
Wendy Trevino | AK Press/Commune Editions |
9781934639252 | September 2018

“Wendy Trevino’s Cruel Fiction tells the truth about life as we know and endure it, restlessly picking at the hangnails of both history and heartbreak.”—ARTFORUM

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