This Week’s Hot Reviews

Revolutionary Threads: Rastafari, Social Justice, and Cooperative Economics
Bobby Sullivan | Akashic Books | 9781617756559 | December 2018

“Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, Revolutionary Threads: Rastafari, Social Justice, and Cooperative Economics is a groundbreaking study.”—Midwest Book Review

Liza Jane & The Dragon
Laura Lippman, illustrated by Kate Samworth | Akashic Books | 9781617756610 | October 2018

“Written with an impressive originality by Laura Lippman and illustrated with the exceptional artwork of Kate Samworth, Liza Jane & the Dragon is unreservedly recommended.”—Midwest Book Review

The Eye: An Insider’s Memoir of Masterpieces, Money, and the Magnetism of Art
Philippe Costamagna, translated by Frank Wynne | New Vessel Press | 9781939931580 | August 2018

“An insider’s look at the dramatic world of attributing and dating art. . . . Delightful.”—Introspective Magazine

A Shameful Life: Ningen Shikkaku
Osamu Dazai, translated by Mark Gibeau | Stone Bridge Press | 9781611720440 | November 2018

“Powerful. . . a fascinating psychological portrait, of someone trying (or rather, constantly failing) to come to terms with a self they find unbearable.”—The Complete Review

The Buddhist Swastika and Hitler’s Cross: Rescuing a Symbol of Peace from the Forces of Hate
T.K. Nakagaki | Stone Bridge Press | 9781611720457 | September 2018

“I’m fascinated by Buddhist priest T.K. Nakagaki’s reflections on why symbols hold such power; how the swastika has been used for good across the globe; including as a motif in synagogues; and why Hitler adopted it to symbolize his own hateful philosophy.”—Lion’s Roar

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