This Week’s Hot Reviews

Blue Label
Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles, translated by Paul Filev | Turtle Point Press | 9781885983572 | October 2018

“An interesting glimpse of Venezuelan life around 2000, Blue Label . . . capture[s] teenage self-awareness (and its limitation) well. . . . [Music] plays a prominent role in the story, background sound-color (and lyrics) giving the story a scored, cinematic feel.”—The Complete Review

My Real Name is Hanna
Tara Lynn Masih | Mandel Vilar Press | 9781942134510 | September 2018

“Masih’s telling manages to bring together a gripping, coming-of-age narrative with an impeccably researched setting. . . . Hanna’s veracity and indelible spirit honor the subject and the people exhibited by the author in this highly readable, affecting novel.”—Historical Novel Society

Permanent Exhibit
Matthew Vollmer | BOA Editions | 9781942683681 | September 2018

“Like so many of us, Vollmer is obsessed with the everyday occurrences that provide him immediate feedback, the small joys or indignities that make each day unique from the one that came before it, but it is all connected, like the smallest, most faint stars in the sky, to the enormous constellations that we can all see with the naked eye.”—Carve Magazine

The Remainder
Alia Trabucco Zerán | Coffee House Press | 9781566895507 | August 2019

“You could call The Remainder a literary kaleidoscope: look at it one way and you see how the past lays a crippling hand on the generation that follows political catastrophe; shift the focus and you’re plunged into a darkly comic road trip with a hungover trio in an empty hearse chasing a lost coffin across the Andes cordillera.”—The Spectator

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