Reviews: September 20, 2018

Flying Jenny
Theasa Tuohy | Akashic Books/Kaylie Jones Books | 9781617756214 | May 2018
“As entertaining a piece of historical fiction as I have read this year.”—Oklahoman

Myriam Gurba | Coffee House Press | 9781566894913 | November 2017
“Myriam Gurba’s witty, trenchant, and all too relevant account of a culture in which sexual violence exists as a frightening daily reality and is often confronted alone.”—Adroit Journal

Always Another Country
Sisonke Msimang | World Editions | 9781642860009 | September 2018
“I felt less like I was reading a static text and more like I was having a deep, meaning-making conversation with a close friend. . . . What I will remember most about Always Another Country is its brave intimacy. Msimang bears her soul to the reader, from her close relationship with her family to her search for home to her gradual political awakening.”—Bright Magazine

Monster ABC
Kyle Sullivan | Hazy Dell Press | 9780996578707| September 2018
Goodnight Krampus
Kyle Sullivan | Hazy Dell Press | 9780996578721 | September 2018
Hush Now, Banshee!: A Not-So-Quiet Counting Book
Kyle Sullivan | Hazy Dell Press | 9780996578752 | September 2018
Get Dressed, Sasquatch!
Kyle Sullivan | Hazy Dell Press | 9780996578738 | September 2018
Don’t Eat Me, Chupacabra! / ¡No Me Comas, Chupacabra!: A Delicious Story with Digestible Spanish Vocabulary
Kyle Sullivan | Hazy Dell Press | 9780996578776 | September 2018
“The stars of the Hazy Dell Monster Series are cuddly and comedic. They’re the strange beings that children, and all of us, can relate to sometimes.”—Clark County Columbian

The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle
Victoria Williamson | Floris Books/Kelpies | 9781782504900 | September 2018
“This compelling novel portrays the refugee experience after resettlement, a different sort of journey through scars of trauma and loss, navigating parents who are also wounded and struggling, beset by hostility from a new community, and plagued by homesickness in a foreign land. . . . This was one of my favorite reads.”—Orange Marmalade Books

My First Fairy Tales: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Marion Cocklico | Auzou | 9782733861493 | February 2019
My First Fairy Tales: The Three Little Pigs
Gwe | Auzou | 9782733861509 | February 2019
“What makes this book—and the series—stand out are all the moving parts that kids love. There are tabs to pull and wheels to turn and flaps to lift and more ingenious little hands-on items to use.  Not only is doing this fun, it really helps tell and illustrate the story.”—Youth Services Book Review

The House of Lost and Found
Martin Widmark, illustrated by Emilia Dziubak | Floris Books | 9781782505426 | September 2018
“With full-page spreads interspersed throughout that bleed beyond the borders of the book, it’s hard not to feel immediately drawn into this world and enraptured with its atmosphere.”—Let’s Talk Picture Books

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