This Week’s Hot Reviews

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: The Adventures of a Midlist Author (Holy Cow! Press, 9780998601069, September 2018)

“Fedo has a lot of cred as an author, publishing hundreds of articles, essays and short stories in the nation’s top magazines and newspapers. . . . A ‘midlist author’ is one who writes steadily but isn’t in the big leagues and most authors are in that category. That doesn’t mean it’s a boring life. In Fedo’s 10th book, he writes of his newspaper days and encounters with celebrities such as James Stewart, and the pressures of freelance writing for a living.”—St. Paul Pioneer Press, September 2, 2018

The Children’s War (Biblioasis, 9781771962131, September 2018)

“C.P. Boyko proves the broad reach of his talents in The Children’s War. . . . His characters here are often intelligent and emotional, resulting in explosive conflicts. . . . Though the choices these characters make are not always effective, it is clear that Boyko understands this truth: action is always human and, even in failure, is often beautiful.”—Arkansas International, September 4, 2018

A New Garden Ethic (New Society Publishers, 9780865718555, September 2017)

A New Garden Ethic is at times reminiscent of Aldo Leopold’s style and an enjoyable read for those who take pleasure in more classic nature and garden writing.”—NY Botanical Garden Blog, August 30, 2018

Climate Wise Landscaping (New Society Publishers, 9780865718883, March 2018)

“The book is comprehensive enough to serve as a reference and inspiration for seasoned landscapers yet accessible enough for beginning gardeners.”—Los Altos Town Crier, August 29, 2018

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