Extra, extra! Check out these stellar reviews!

Chlorine Gardens (Koyama Press, 9781927668580, September 2018)

“Cartoonist Keiler Roberts doesn’t shy away from pain in her autobiographical work, understanding that the hard parts of life are what make the joys so valuable. Her work is as delightful as it is harrowing, exploring how these different emotions often intersect”—A.V. Club, August 21, 2018

Holy Moly Carry Me (BOA Editions, 9781942683629, September 2018)

“Meitner writes boldly and unapologetically about the public sphere, but each poem is as intimate as it is grand. . . . As much as anything, Holy Moly Carry Me is about navigating the world’s disorder . . . and finding a way through the brokenness.”—Arkansas International, August 17, 2018

Samuel Johnson’s Eternal Return (Coffee House Press, 9781566895286, October 2018)

“[F]unny, gorgeous, haunted.”—St. Louis Mag, August 18, 2018

I’m Not Here (Koyama Books, 9781927668498, September 2017)

“[F]ull of mystery. . . . a starkly beautiful graphic novel about yearning, home, and escape.”—Room, Issue 41.2

The Art of Flight (Deep Vellum, 9781941920060, March 2015)

The Art of Flight, written in Pitol’s final years, demonstrates a freedom of form that many writes yearn to explore, but find they have neither the courage nor the savoire faire to take on.”—3 Quarks, August 20, 2018

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