Stone Bridge Press Highlights Innovation with Fujifilm Memoir


Fujifilm Corp. Chairman Shigetaka Komori. Photographer: Akio Kon/Bloomberg

When you think of Fujifilm, do you think of photo paper and cameras, or innovative scientific research that will change the face of modern science? The answer should be both, because Fuijifilm chairman Shigetaka Komori is pushing the company to expand into new markets to help change the world, one cell at a time. In his memoir Innovating Out of Crisis (released June 2015) from Stone Bridge Press, Komori reflects on his gutsy and innovative decision to expand Fujifilm’s investments, using data and knowledge from research on photo-paper technology to grow into the health research field. Bloomberg Business released an interview with Komori on August 17, 2015, where he chatted about his plans for the company’s future and his new memoir.

Fujifilm is well-known for their cameras, photo paper, and film, though with the inInnovatingOutOfCrisiscreased popularity of camera phones and the instant gratification of social media they have experienced revenue loss. Komori believes photo printers and other machines will remain Fujifilm’s largest source of revenue, but he “sees the newer biotechnology and pharmaceutical operations” that they are developing as “future drivers of growth.” For example, the company is working on antiviral drugs that treat Ebola, skin care that uses technology to preserve skin that is also used in preserving photo-paper, and further research on stem cells. Komori isn’t afraid to take risks, making Fujifilm an integral company in a variety of markets, from photography to healthcare.

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