Bitter Lemon Press on the Booklist Reader’s Wanted List

Remember mystery books? The intrigue of unsolved, bloody murders. The goosebumps you get when the hero cop turns an innocent corner, to get jumped by the greed-warped villain. On May 15, the Booklist Reader featured Bitter Lemon Press, one publisher that keeps churning out the mysteries like they’re addicted. bitterlemonThe Booklist Reader featured Bitter Lemon Press in their Small-Press Lineup, complete with a brief history on Bitter Lemon Press from founders, brothers Franรงois and Frederic von Hurter, and accomplice Laurence Colchester. According to the founders, Bitter Lemon Press was founded while the three were “sitting in the shade of a large oak tree one summer in the Cevennes region of France, we decided it was time to do something together, different and probably not very profitable.”fallout Now, Bitter Lemon Press is coming up on 11 years, and launching exciting new titles all the time. Just released last May, Fallout by New Zealander Paul Thomas follows the dangerous political intrigue of Tito Ihaka, the unkempt, overweight Maori cop. Coming up this June, Tin Sky by Ben Pastor continues the Ukrainian/Russian tale of Major Martin Bora as he flees further from Stalingrad. For more mystery (and bitter lemons), check out the website.

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