Bookslinger Update: “Winter Term”

The Bookslinger app has been updated with a new story!

This week’s story is from Mending by Sallie Bingham, published by Sarabande Books.

“Sallie Bingham binds her collection together with sheer talent. The title novella is absolutely first-rate—a skillfully suggestive amalgam of Katherine Mansfield and Eudora Welty. This same unblinking gaze is hard at work on the desperate terror of adolescent love (‘Winter Term’).”—James R. Frakes, The New York Times Book Review

“Sallie Bingham’s characters scrutinize their relationships with children, lovers, and their own treacherous souls. . . . Nearly every one of these flinty stories is a tiny masterpiece.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Hardened but not compromised by adult life, these luminous stories . . . feature narrators who find mature, often solitary forms of reckoning, and even happiness. . . . There is not a false note in Bingham’s striking collection.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

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