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Tell Tail
CK Smouha, illus. Katie Brosnan | Cicada Books | 9781908714862 | April 2021
“The book does a masterful job of getting to the core of how Dex feels when he was not accepted by his own family and how he tries to change himself to fit in.  The life lesson to take away is no matter who you are the best possible thing that you can be is …. yourself!”—Baby Bookworms

Raised by Wolves
Amang, trans. Steve Bradbury | Phoneme Media | 9781944700911 | September 2020
“Most importantly, Raised by Wolves models reading—and translation itself—as a multidirectional practice. Amang and Bradbury remind us that there is no final, authoritative version, but a conversation that extends far beyond the boundaries of the book.”—Harvard Review

The Night Walk
Marie Dorléans | Floris Books | 9781782506393 | April 2021
“Though their colors are few, the book’s illustrations are lively and lovely, making the world feel awake even before light breaks over the hills in this story about chasing natural wonders.”—Foreword Reviews

Art In Time
Cole Swensen | Nightboat Books | 9781643620374 | May 2021
“Such artists of earlier eras suggested, intentionally or not, that we might enlarge our viewpoint beyond the personal, maybe even beyond the human. But it fell to twentieth-century art movements—abstraction, Cubism, postmodernism—to consciously undo the Enlightenment paradigm. As a contemporary poet, Swensen wields a language capable of channeling this history.”—Boston Review

We Are Bridges
Cassandra Lane | The Feminist Press at CUNY | 9781952177927 | April 2021
“An exceptional memoir of self-discovery through family histories.”—Foreword Reviews, starred review

Dead Serious: Wild Hope Amid the Sixth Extinction
Eli J. Knapp | Torrey House Press | 9781948814409 | September 2021
“Clever prose and gifted storytelling enliven Eli J. Knapp’s Dead Serious . . . diverting descriptions of flora and fauna lead into captivating lessons about biological principles, all of which are embellished with humor. A rousing read.”—Eli J. Knapp

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This Week’s News and Reviews

Collage by Women
Rebeka Elizegi | Hoaki Books/Promopress | 9788416851775 | May 2019
“The work included is excellent throughout and both analogue and digital techniques are covered.  All artwork is beautifully displayed and each artist’s work is accompanied by text which provides context for the artwork as well as an understanding of each artist’s processes, inspirations and influences. This hardback book is beautifully bound and the dimensions make this title not only a great coffee table book but a book that can actually be carried around easily too. Collage by Women is a fantastic collection for all lovers of collage and the publishers have created a book that perfectly demonstrates the fantastic work that female artists always have, and continue to produce.”—Fragmented Collective

Grandfather Bowhead, Tell Me A Story
Aviaq Johnston, illus. Tamara Campeau | Inhabit Media | 9781772272970 | April 2021
“Aviaq Johnston delivers a beautiful tale of love, life, and family perfectly complemented by the gorgeous illustrations created by Tamara Campeau. This is a story that is sure to become a treasured part of family traditions.”—Mr. Alex’s Bookshelf

Spin a Scarf of Sunshine
Dawn Casey, illus. Stila Lim | Floris Books | 9781782506584 | May 2021
“This lyrical story is vividly portrayed in large, two-page drawings by artist Stila Lim. Readers will feel that they are there on the farm, too.”—Vermont Country Sampler

The Pocket Chaotic
Ziggy Hanaor, illus. Daniel Gray-Barnett | Cicada Books | 9781908714800 | April 2021
“Pops of golden yellow dominate the watercolor, ink, and pencil illustrations of this tongue-in-cheek story about helping children embrace their independence.”—Foreword Reviews

Take Me Outdoors
Mary Richards | Agnes & Aubrey | 9781916474581 | April 2021
“I really like how there is scientific information to help guide adventurers throughout, giving background information on organizations like the Audubon Society, journalist Nellie Bly, and artist Georgia O’Keeffe. If you have a budding naturalist who yearns for adventure and meticulously kept adventure logs, this is the book for them!”—Tiny Activist

Jacqueline Keeler | Torrey House Press | 9781948814270 | April 2021
“Keeler makes a compelling case . . . her elucidation of how the domination of the written word over oral storytelling contributes to the unequal application of justice adds fascinating context.”—Star Tribune

Moheb Soliman | Coffee House Press | 9781566896092 | June 2021
“In a time of environmental catastrophe and colonial destruction, Soliman’s sly and shifting poems suggest that moving between various homes makes more sense than trying to construct a static place of complete belongingness.”—Star Tribune

Welcome to Sonnetville, New Jersey
Craig Morgan Teicher | BOA Editions | 9781950774258 | April 2021
“While Teicher’s perspective is dark at times, the writing, which ranges from lovely to discomforting, highlights the rhythms in his family’s life and the “preciousness of tedious moments” as the adults reflect on their own suburban upbringing and the challenges and opportunities their children will face.”—Christian Science Monitor

 “A genuine, searching, and honest book of considerable skill.”—The Millions

Ladan Osman, author of Exiles of Eden (Coffee House Press) won a 2021 Whiting award.

Echo Tree by Henry Dumas (Coffee House Press) was recommended by Kirkus Reviews on April 27.

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This Week’s News and Reviews

Divya Victor | Nightboat Books | 9781643620701 | April 2021
“Curb highlights an ongoing injustice in this country: that the only thing that connects an immigrant to the American land after their death (or murder) will be a ‘written/ . . . scrap tied to a place / which holds your feet / to the ground.’ Victor’s collection is thus a must-read, in its offering of a moving critique of the South Asian immigrant experience within post 9/11 America.”—Ploughshares Blog

The Pocket Chaotic
Ziggy Hanaor, illus. Daniel Gray-Barnett | Cicada Books | 9781908714800 | April 2021
“From the witty title, to the delightful endpapers, The Pocket Chaotic is a charming story about becoming independent and growing up…Adult readers will wonder, is mom Nancy Machiavellian, or just messy? Either way, The Pocket Chaotic is both entertaining and comforting. That’s a neat (ha!) trick.”—Mr. Alex’s Bookshelf

The Night Walk
Marie Dorléans | Floris Books | 9781782506393 | April 2021
“Never hurried, this eloquent story is a beautifully measured tale not unlike one giant inhale (the journey) followed by a long, happy exhale (the closing spreads). Pick up a copy and make a night of it.”—Bookpage

Sadiq Wants to Stitch
Mamta Nainy, Niloufer Wadia | Karadi Tales Picturebooks | 9788193388914 | September 2020
The book with it’s happy ending, strong mother-son relationship, with information about the Bakarwals at the end of the book is a treat to read.”–Tales with Mimi

Above the Law: How “Qualified Immunity” Protects Violent Police
Ben Cohen | OR Books | 9781682192573 | June 2021
“Quick-paced, well-edited, and educational. The intelligent reader will find it cogent, reasonable and offering actions that can be supported or accomplished. . . . In the foreword, rapper Michael Render (“Killer Mike”) provides an excellent emotional overview of the events at hand. . . . Above the Law provides one example after another of the legal inanity that protects police.”—CounterPunch

Big Bad
Whitney Collins | Sarabande Books | 9781946448729 | March 2021

“[A] deliciously dark world in which anything is possible and the most horrifying is probable.”—Southern Review of Books

Paraguayan Sea
Wilson Bueno | Nightboat Books | 9781937658748 | November 2017
“Mar Paraguayo is a difficult but incredibly rewarding book that encourages us to pay attention to the sound and shape of languages and their fluid in-between spaces. Canadian poet Erín Moure’s extraordinary 2017 translation into ‘Frenglish’ and Guaraní gives the work new life in the Northern hemisphere.”—Literary Hub

The Book of Otto and Liam
Paul Griner | Sarabande Books | 9781946448767 | April 2021
“Paul Griner’s novel The Book of Otto and Liam manages to be dark, powerful, funny, and timely, often on the same page.”—Largehearted Boy

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This Week’s News and Reviews

Emily Fridlund | Sarabande Books | 9781946448057 | October 2017
“Catapult’s title suggests you’re entering a world galvanized by great thrusts of forward momentum, hurtling through space-time, upward and outward and onward — and if you rush through Emily Fridlund’s first short story collection. . .you might agree, given how much surface movement there appears to be across rooms and states, families and friendships. . . . But the slower you think through it, the more you realize a catapult is a red herring, that this isn’t about action at all, that it’s about all that tied-up tension before a launch and after a landing.”—200 Words about Culture

Douglas Kearney | Wave Books | 9781950268153 | April 2021
“Sho twists and turns across poetic forms, all written in a language Kearney cobbles together from dialects traditionally considered both high and low.”—Ploughshares

The Witch of Eye
Kathryn Nuernberger | Sarabande Books | 9781946448705 | February 2021
“This is quintessential reading not just for the wannabe witches among us, but for its nuanced telling of a cruel and silenced.”—The Rumpus

The Youngest Boy
Jim Heynen, illus. Tom Pohrt | Holy Cow! Press | 9781513645599 | April 2021
“Jim Heynen’s latest book focuses as its title suggests on the youngest of his archetypal figures of rural boyhood, a shapeshifting and mercurial personage who is by turns frolicsome and introspective, mischievous and vulnerable.”—Star Tribune

NPR Illinois broadcast the audio of Richard Gilman Opalsky’s TedX talk, “What Does Love Have to Do with Communism?” Opalsky is the author of The Communism of Love (AK Press).

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This Week’s News and Reviews

Sergei Lebedev, trans. Antonina W. Bouis | New Vessel Press | 9781939931900 | February 2021
“The topicality of this fierce novel risks overshadowing its literary and literary historical qualities. To my mind it invites comparisons with two beacons of extremism from the earlier twentieth century: Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon and the terrifyingly aestheticized war diaries of Ernst Jünger.”—Times Literary Supplement

The Foreign Girls
Sergei Olguín, trans. Miranda France | Bitter Lemon Press | 9781913394387 | March 2021
“Skillfully translated by Miranda France . . . . The Foreign Girls presents something more existential: being a woman in a world of men.”—Los Angeles Review of Books

The Power of Forgiveness
Eva Mozes Kor | Central Recovery Press | 9781949481440 | February 2021
“The Power of Forgiveness will be an asset for anyone looking to regain agency or move on from anger. For those in thrall to the atmosphere of toxic political animosity and victimhood culture, Kor’s words may create a path to productive dialogue.”—Washington Examiner

Sea Loves Me
Mia Couto | Biblioasis | 9781771963886 | February 2021
Sea Loves Me is a thrilling addition to Couto’s extraordinary body of work, bringing together new and old stories that evoke past and present Mozambique, memories and dreamscapes, natural and spirit worlds. War, race, sky and sea, death and desire—these are just a few of the eternal elements Couto uses to mold his wise, enchanting fiction.”—World Literature Today

After the Body
Cleopatra Mathis | Sarabande Books | 9781946448606 | July 2020
“Deeply moving, beautiful.”—Literary North

A Room with a Darker View
Claire Phillips | Doppelhouse Press | 9781733957908 | August 2020
“The book is incredibly informative and to the point regarding its subject matter but still remains a beautiful and tragic examination of a woman gradually losing her mother. Claire Phillips generously invites her readers into her world and shares her experience without any hesitation.”—Write or Die Tribe

Langosh and Peppi: Fugitive Days
Veronica Post | Conundrum Press | 9781772620443 | May 2020
“Examining the topic from an intriguingly different perspective Langosh & Peppi: Fugitive Days makes a valuable contribution to the growing list of comics works on the refugee crisis. . . . Another excellent example of Conundrum Press’s ever admirable approach to showcasing the widest variety of approaches to the form.”—Broken Frontier

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